Pre-Congress Courses Wednesday, May 18

What is new in wound healing?

Moris Topaz, M.D., Ph.D. (Israel)

Post-bariatric plastic surgery

Carlos Roxo, M.D. (Brazil)

Breast augmentation with lipotransference

Michele Zocchi, M.D. (Italy)

Registration fee: US$ 90.00 (3 courses)

Workshop on Management of Complex Wounds – A Novel Approach to Early Wound Closure by ROI-NPT and TopClosure® TRS

Dr. Moris Topaz (Israel)

Main training objectives: Addressing significant clinical and global healthcare challenges in wound healing and closure through basic science and clinical applications

Main Topics to be discussed:

  1. Basic science in regulated oxygen-enriched and irrigation negative pressure-assisted wound therapy (ROI-NPT).
  2. New method of antibiotic delivery to compartmentalized infections
  3. Applying the viscoelastic properties of the skin to the extreme by stress relaxation and mechanical creep.
  4. Novel approach for primary closure of large wounds by TRS.
  5. Ccontinuous in-situ targeted ultra-high concentration of antibiotics (CITA) for localized infections.
  6. Advanced early management of infected wounds by ROI-NPT.
  7. The TopClosure® tension-relief system (TRS) in basic and advanced reconstructive surgery.
  8. Combined CITA, ROI-NPT and TRS as a new gold standard management of infected wounds will be presented.