Virtual Assets

A new dedicated hub for emerging industries related to Virtual Assets, Blockchain, Cryptography, and Decentralised Ledgers

The recent announcement of the new Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) is a significant step by Dubai Government towards regulating the expansive global virtual assets industry in the Emirate of Dubai.

Under its new mandate and in alignment with UAE and Dubai Government stakeholders, VARA will streamline regulatory application and operating licensing approvals for Virtual Assets including digital assets, products, operators, and exchanges - enabling DWTC Authority to become a new dedicated zone for regulated Virtual Assets businesses in the near future. DWTC Authority is coordinating closely with VARA in launching the application process for Regulated Virtual Assets Business Licenses in the near future.

As the region’s leading financial hub serving one billion customers across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA), Dubai prides itself on being a progressive market open to the use of new technologies and innovation. With its FinTech industry now well-established and Dubai becoming home to a growing community of innovative start-ups shaping the future of finance, the rise in Crypto Currencies, Tokens and Commodities presents a new global economy frontier for Dubai.

With the growing popularity of Virtual Assets such as Cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and the increased prominence of blockchain technology across a multitude of sectors throughout the world, the potential for the Virtual Asset industry’s growth is immense.
The Virtual Asset industry is set to build on Dubai’s well-established position as a hyper-connected pro-business city and its continued drive as an ever-evolving business capital, serving the needs of the future economy. As a relatively new free zone established in 2015, DWTC Authority’s regulatory and competitive operating environment is geared up to facilitate the growth of the Virtual Assets ecosystem in Dubai.
With many new technology start-ups and tech-powered regional unicorns already choosing DWTC Authority’s free zone as their operating headquarters, DWTC Authority looking to extend its conducive environment, business support and services to enable a new Virtual Assets community to flourish. From entrepreneurs to established global industry brands, DWTC Authority’s free zone promises to be a future destination for the Virtual Asset ecosystem located in the heart of Dubai’s central business district and at the crossroads of global business, finance, and commerce.

Key Benefits

  • Foreign ownership and repatriation of capital
  • Zero Corporate Tax
  • All-inclusive company formation business start-up packages
  • A wide range of co-working and traditional offices
  • A prestigious business address in the heart of the city
  • Client e-Services platform for Registration, Licensing, Visa, and Tenant Services
  • A vibrant business community home to 1,400 companies, onsite hotels, and restaurants
  • Proximity to regions’ leading trade exhibitions and business events

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